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MS Model with an EC 130 B4

MS Model with an EC 130 B4
Model 4 with a BK-117
Model E with Enstrom
E Model with Enstrom F-28F
Model 4 with an EC135
Model 4 with an EC-135
Model 4 with an EC135
Closeup of Model 4 with EC-135
Model 4 with EC135
Model 4 with EC-135 in Italy


Chopper Spotter Media

Video overview of the 3 Chopper Spotter models.



Animated .gif of Chopper Spotter raised/lowered

Notar with E Model
E Model with MD-520 Notar
Enstrom Ground Clearance
E Model ground clearance with Enstrom
MS Model with MD-600
MS Model with MD-600
UH-1 with Model 4
Model 4 with UH-1 in Taiwan
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