Helicopter two cart

Helicopter Tow Cart: Model MS

Lifting capacity: 9,000 lbs (4,082 kg)


The Model MS helicopter tow cart is our midrange model, offering increased lifting capacity and longer battery life for those with heavier duty helicopter towing needs. 

An auxiliary power unit comes standard with the Model MS tow cart, along with dual casters capable of transporting heavier aircrafts with a more balanced weight distribution. The Model MS provides ease-of-use and safety for both the operator and helicopter with the help of our wireless handheld control system for optimal speed control.

The Chopper Spotter team is ready to work with you to tailor and modify our offerings to meet your unique helicopter towing needs. Contact us today for the safer, smarter solution to helicopter ground-handling.

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Product Specs

Product Specs Product Specs

  • Price: $22,750
  • Lifting capacity: 9,000 lbs (4,082 kg)
  • Motor: 1 hp DC
  • Batteries: 4 Optima AGM non-spillable
  • Battery life: 6-8 hours
  • Charger output: 24 V, 10 A
  • Charger input: 117 V @ 60 Hz or 230 V @ 50-60 Hz
  • APU: Standard
  • LED spotlight: Optional
  • Drive wheel: Grooved (8 in x 5 in) (20.3cm X 12.7cm)
  • Casters: Dual
  • Lifting system: Hydraulic
  • Braking: Electric
  • Speed control: Variable up to 3 ft/s (1 m/s)
  • Overload protection: 100 amp breaker (auto reset)
  • Color: Safety Yellow
Tow cart below a helicopter

How It Works

Designed for Effortless Operation

The Chopper Spotter design connects to your helicopter at the skids, resulting in a much safer and more secure method of movement. See how it works in 7 easy steps to position your aircraft exactly as you need to – in even the toughest conditions.

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Industry-leading Protection

We stand proudly behind our work to provide owners and operators with a safer, easier, and more efficient way to move their helicopter. To help keep your aircraft moving, all Chopper Spotter products are covered by our 1-year warranty and backed by our team of dedicated, hands-on support.

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