Designed and Built for Effortless, Single-operator Use

Navigating several tons and millions of dollars worth of machinery is a serious task –and one that requires a smart, user-friendly solution. That’s where Chopper Spotter comes in. Our helicopter tugs allow owners and operators to effortlessly move and position their helicopters in a way that is safer, more maneuverable, and more efficient – all via a wireless handheld control.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using your Chopper Spotter to attach, lift, and move your helicopter with ease. 

Helicopter tug below a helicopter
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Step 1

The Chopper Spotter is designed to attach to your helicopter from the rear via the skids, resulting in a safer and more stabilized method of control. To attach, simply roll the Chopper Spotter beneath the helicopter from the rear and attach the yokes to the wheel attachment points on the skids.

Step 2

Take the wireless handheld controller in hand and move to the rear of the helicopter.

Step 3

Firmly take hold of the tail of the helicopter.

Step 4

Hold “UP” on the controller to raise the helicopter.

Step 5

Use the “FORWARD” and “REVERSE” buttons to begin moving the helicopter while using your free hand on the tail of the helicopter to steer.

Step 6

Once the helicopter has been maneuvered into its desired position, hold “DOWN” on the controller to lower it back to ground level.

Step 7

Roll the Chopper Spotter back out from beneath the helicopter and into a safe storage area.

And just like that, you’ve put your helicopter firmly in its place without breaking a sweat – or your equipment.

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