Helicopter Tugs for Every Application

Our range of products is designed to help meet the needs of any application, from private owners with a single lighter helicopter to organizations with a heavy-duty fleet. Our team is here to work with you to tailor our solution to your exact specifications, capable of modifying a helicopter tug based on your unique aircraft and environment. Shop our products today to experience the difference of total and effortless on-the-ground control.

Chopper Spotter Helicopter Mover

How It Works

Designed and Built for Effortless, Single-operator Use

The Chopper Spotter helicopter tug connects to your helicopter at the skids, resulting in a much safer and more secure method of movement. See how it works in 7 easy steps to position your aircraft exactly as you need to – in even the toughest conditions.

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Why Chopper Spotter Tugs

Proven Safety. Full Maneuverability.

Since 1989, Chopper Spotter has been manufacturing world-leading helicopter ground-handling equipment right here in the U.S. Our products are tested to support aircraft up to almost 12,000 pounds, doing so with safety and maneuverability capable of pivoting on a dime up to 360 degrees. With APU standard and wireless handheld control, our helicopter tugs are designed and built for effortless, single-operator use.

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