Helicopter Tugs for Every Application

Helicopter tugs make the traditionally difficult process of moving helicopters with skids a safer and more efficient experience. Designed to tow, pull, and push helicopters of various sizes and weights, helicopter tugs will get your rotorcraft exactly where it needs to go. Using a wired or wireless remote control, they provide hands-free ground transportation, allowing for single-operator use.

Chopper Spotter’s range of remote control helicopter tugs makes moving helicopters—no matter the distance or application—faster, safer, and stress-free. Whether you’re a private owner with a single, lightweight helicopter or a large organization with an entire fleet of heavy-duty aircraft, we have a helicopter tug to fit your needs.

The Chopper Spotter team is here to work with you to tailor our helicopter moving solutions to your exact specifications. We’re capable of modifying any helicopter tug based on your unique rotorcraft and environment to make your ground handling efforts a breeze.

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Chopper Spotter Helicopter Mover

How It Works

Designed and Built for Effortless, Single-operator Use

The Chopper Spotter remote control helicopter tug connects to your helicopter at the skids, resulting in a much safer and more secure method of movement. See how it works in 7 easy steps to position your aircraft exactly as you need to – even in the toughest conditions.

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Why Chopper Spotter Helicopter Tugs

Proven Safety. Full Maneuverability.

Since 1989, Chopper Spotter has been manufacturing world-leading helicopter ground-handling equipment right here in the United States.

Our convenient, remote control operated, helicopter tugs are tested for moving helicopters up to nearly 12,000 pounds, doing so with safety and maneuverability in mind. That means being able to pivot on a dime—up to 360 degrees!

With APU standard and wireless handheld control, our helicopter tugs are designed and built from the ground up for effortless, single-operator use.

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