Chopper Spotter Top 10 Helicopter Scenes in Cinema History

Top 10 Helicopter Scenes in Cinema History

At Chopper Spotter, we’re obviously huge fans of helicopters, and that unbridled enthusiasm naturally extends to the world of film. Any time a chopper graces the screen, we can’t help but get a little giddy,…

5 Helicopter Trends Reshaping the Industry

5 Helicopter Trends Reshaping the Industry

In 2020—despite a worldwide pandemic that ground many major industries to a halt—the global helicopter market hit a record-high $50.42 billion. Impressive as that is, it’s only expected to keep growing, with a projection to…

vintage helicopters in a row

Our top 5 vintage helicopters of all-time

Helicopters have undoubtedly come a long way over the past hundred years, with advancements in everything from rotors to engines contributing to a safer and higher-performing level of flight. And while the industry’s latest and…

Tips for maintaining a helicopter fleet

Safety is a top priority for any helicopter owner or operator, as maneuvering and flying such expensive, powerful machines requires a keen attention to detail to ensure proper performance. Regular maintenance is a key part…

chopper spotter sitting below a helicopter in a hangar

Chopper Spotter vs. HeliWagon

Achieving safe and easy helicopter transport on the ground is an important task, especially considering the value of the aircraft. When moving a piece of machinery that can potentially cost millions of dollars, even minor…

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