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Booth 1218 ~ Heli Expo 2014

Anaheim California

Februray 25-27, 2014









Simply a better idea!

The Chopper Spotter® is a unique, patented machine to handle helicopters on pavement. It lets one person quickly load and move a helicopter with ease and unmatched safety for the helicopter.

Unlike transporters you may be familiar with, the CHOPPER SPOTTER loads from the rear. Roll it under the ship and attach the two "yokes" to the wheel attachment points.

Easy to load from the rear

Take the remote control in hand, step back to the tail, and press UP. The helicopter balances just as if it were on its regular wheels. Press FWD (or REV) on the hand held control, and the "soft start" electronic speed control gently moves the ship at any selected speed, up to 3 feet per second.

The hand-held control regulates speed, direction, and raises and lowers the ship. The electronic controls offer dynamic braking.




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